“. . . a trade-nation in turmoil.”

Alignment: True Neutral

Capital City: Andram (232,000)

Ruler: Lord Feryn le Blac (Temporary Steward of Dendrum)

Government: Bureaucratic Trade Monarchy

Languages: Common, Lefaille

A nation at the center of Theria’s trade, both economically and geographically, with bustling ports and rolling grasslands.

Steered into crisis by a bureaucratic and often corrupt monarchy, Dendrum is still recovering from a major uprising of its lower class from its agricultural, shipping and manufacturing centers just five years prior (M.E. 1002) known as the Harvest War. Thwarting the rebellion but neglecting to address the thousands of soldiers and laborers employed in its quelling on top of the proletariat already suffering from an enormous economic divide, unrest and disenfranchisement festers amongst the populace. Captive rebels have been forced into press gangs to build the Therian Canal, carving through the Gacrux Mountain and connecting with the Hylid River. This is another point of contention that has pushed the divided citizenry to the edge. It is even rumored that slaves (though outlawed) have been imported from Zanesh Ahal for this massive undertaking.

Dendrum has immediately been declared in a state of emergency, with martial law ruling in its major cities. Local militias are beginning to form and take precautions to protect villages, and country settlements, but the slowing down of the economy worsens the outlook every day.

Notable Settlements:

-Dendrum Port
-Port le Calle


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