Zanesh Ahal

“The Magic Realm in the Fertile Cradle”

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Capital: Tharkesh
Ruler: The Upper Magi (headed by Emhan Oroxes, the Lord Magos)
Government – Bicameral Oligarchic Magocracy (corrupt)
Languages – Zaneshali, Common

In Zanesh Ahal, there is no distinction between magic, science, or the divine. All that matters is what brings results and has the most power. It’s culture is generally relaxed but has a notable hierarchy.

Zanesh Ahal is rampant with corruption and nepotism. Power and skill may rule, but only if one can get through the rigid classism. Novelty is very important, as with entertainment. Slavery has only recently been abolished in some provinces of Zanesh Ahal.

It shares a northwestern border with Dendrum, who shares a tentative alliance through strategic marriage of key magi.

To the direct north lies Goldmaw, (known to many as Goldmaw Wilds) a dangerous land filled with monsters and marauders but also containing unimaginable caches of gold, iron, jewel deposits, and a multitude of lost treasure from the trade voyages of old.

Trade in Zanesh Ahal is largely free, making it a major hub for importers of exotic goods. The government also heavily encourages novel invention and ideas to flow into the country. This is a blessing for the nation’s scientists and mages but the freedom can also be dangerous to citizens who sometimes are caught in the middle of wayward experiments.

t’s a hotter climate, tropical/arid location depending on your relative location to the sea and the southern deserts. If Dendrum is Western Europe, this place is similar to the fertile crescent and northern Africa rolled into one land.

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Zanesh Ahal

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